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Oral HealthFido, man’s best friend, our fur babies—whatever nickname you want to give your pet, one thing is for certain: they mean the world to you. They are your loyal companion and trusty sidekick. They seem to instantly cheer you up just by greeting you at the door or snuggling up with you on the couch. Pets offer us a lifetime of memories, so it’s important that we offer them something in return. Make sure they live a long and healthy life (so you can keep creating memories) by ensuring they maintain good dental health.
You might be wondering why your pet’s smile is so important. However, if you consider how much stock you put into your smile, you’ll soon realize that you and your pet aren’t much different. At our Oak Park office, we’ll tell you how to properly examine your pet’s teeth to pinpoint dental changes before they become full-blown problems.

At your next visit, we’ll address a variety of dental issues:

Periodontal disease

You aren’t the only one who can develop gum disease. Your faithful pet can, too! By the age of two, most dogs and cats already have some dental plaque buildup. This buildup, along with bacteria, can cause infections within the gums. Chronic bad breath can often be a sign that your pet has some form of gum disease or at least some nasty bacteria.
Just like with humans, untreated gum disease can wreak havoc in a pet’s mouth. This will often lead to teeth extractions, which will only make it more challenging for your pet to eat. Eating challenges means that it could make it harder for your pet to get the nutrients he/she needs to maintain a healthy body. By checking your pet’s teeth on a regular basis, you can ensure that their gums stay disease-free.


While good oral hygiene in your pet can prolong his/her life, bad oral hygiene can have the opposite affect. If your dog or cat has an unhealthy mouth, this will affect other organs like the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. And if your pet already suffers from a preexisting condition or disease, this will only aggravate the problem more.

So what can you do to help your pet maintain healthy teeth and gums?

  • Visiting your pet’s veterinarian regularly. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide a thorough examination.
  • Buy a veterinarian-approved pet toothpaste (don’t use human toothpaste!), which your pet can swallow safely.
  • Purchase bones or chew toys to help fight plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Find pet food that touts dental benefits.

Call Oak Park Animal Hospital Today!

If it’s time to schedule your pet’s next dental cleaning, then give us a call at (708) 383-5542. Are you a patient of Oak Park Animal Hospital? If so, we would love to hear about your experiences below!
No matter your age, a pet can be a loveable companion.  Becoming a pet owner is a bigoak park animal hospital responsibility, which is why Oak Park Animal Hospital, LTD and Ambassador Animal Hospital, Carol Stream exotic pet hospital, offer helpful tips to help you choose the right pet for your family. 
When it comes to selecting a pet, the hardest decision may not be what to name them, or what color food bowl to buy, but simply what species to adopt.  Whether you have a thing for fur or feathers, it is important to make this decisions very carefully.  When selecting your pet it is important to take advice from your veterinarian in Hanover Park, as they will be able to provide advice to help with breed selection, health, and behavioral issues, including genetic predispositions. 
Your goal is to identify the best animal for your living space, lifestyle, and budget.  Take your time, involve your family or roommates, and make sure owning a pet is the best decision for you by asking yourself important questions.  Your experience as a pet owner will be the most enjoyable if you take the time to properly consider which animal best suits you and your family.
Ask Yourself the Right Questions
So you have decided you want a pet.  The most important step is to begin asking yourself some questions about the amount of responsibility, time, attention, effort and money needed to commit to a pet.  It is also vital to know your preferences for interacting with your pet.  When deciding on a pet for your household, consider the following questions:
  • How much time can you spend with a pet each day?
  • Do you understand the effort required to take care of your pet, such as training new behaviors, cleaning up messes and cages, taking care of illnesses, etc.?
  • Are you prepared for having another creature in your home permanently?
  • If you rent, are pets permitted on your property?
  • What kind of space do you have for a pet?
  • Will your preferred pet have enough space in your home when it reaches adult size?
  • Can you handle a pet emergency – emotionally, physically and financially?
  • Do you accept the pet will be a part of your life for many years to come, even when your life circumstances change?
  • Do you have other pets now?  How will they react to a new animal in the house?
  • Once you have identified your answers to these questions, you should have a clearer picture of the type of animal that best suites you and your needs and preferences.  Another key question is where to get your new pet.  There are an array of places for adopting a pet, such as local animal shelters where there are many wonderful dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals in need of a loving home.
As soon as you have chosen your pet, it is important to schedule a vet visit with Oak Park Animal Hospital, LTD or Ambassador Animal Hospital, exotic pet hospital near Bartlett.  With a proper checkup, your veterinarian will be able to ensure your pet is healthy and will also offer tips and suggestions for raising your pet. 
Oak Park Animal Hospital, LTD and Ambassador Animal Hospital offers a full range of veterinary services to care for your pet.  From routine checkups to Bartlett pet boarding, your pet will be in good hands.